The key to running a successful business is marketing. A marketing plan may include direct mail, ads, cold calls, public relations and much more. These are some ideas among others which you can use to market your laser hair removal business.

Step 1.

Define your audience. The key to marketing is to know who you need to reach with your message and how to reach them. In this industry you will want to target mostly women ages 18 to 65 years old. You should micro-target women who frequent salons and spas or live in a prominent neighborhood.

Step 2.

Locate your audience. Call a marketing and mail list provider such as Infousa. Tell them about your targeted audience and purchase a mailing list, call list or email list. Research the media outlets which your targeted audience is most likely to use. For this type of business you should consider advertising on the society or fashion pages of your local paper, websites, magazine and radio stations which have a strong demographic of female listeners such as a top 40 or family friendly station.

Step 3.

Publish materials. Brand your service as a classy and beautifying procedure. Make it seem accessible, affordable and easy. Publish materials which have pictures, preferably of models. Include information about your specific procedures and contact information in your materials.

Step 4.

Place ads and deliver materials. Put your materials in as many places as possible such as spas, stores, malls, salons, coffee shops or doctor’s offices. Also, place your ads in newspapers, magazines and websites which are all targeted to your demographic. Keep your logo and font consistent on all ads and materials so your ads and brand become recognizable.


Get creative. Sponsor and offer specials at an event so your business will gain extra exposure.