How to Get Free Leads for Your MLM Business

Prequalified prospects, sales referrals, or genealogy lists, whatever name is used, MLM leads are the lifeblood of any MLM (multi-level marketing) business, and without a continuous supply, the network marketing distributor will go broke and have to close down their MLM business. The question most networkers ask is “where do I get the best possible MLM leads for little or no money?” Are they generated on the internet, bought from an MLM lead-generation company, worked in the local market or found among friends and family? The answer is easier than it may seem; all of the above.

Types of Free MLM Leads

Social marketing is the newest method of generating free MLM leads. Setting up a personal profile on both general social sites and niche social sites focused on MLM-specific topics can generate an unlimited amount of qualified prospects.

Setting up a personal blog is another great way of generating free MLM leads. Two things happen when you create a blog, especially if you provide solid content of value to the readers. First the word will spread, and people will come to the blog for expert MLM advice. Second people will start to write comments, helping to create a community.

Writing and commenting in MLM niche forums is yet again another great way to generate free MLM leads. Network marketers hang out on forums reading, writing and asking questions. When a new expert shows up on the forum answering specific questions, the regular readers will go investigating to find out who they are, and a new relationship will start to form.

Using link referral sites is another great way to generate free MLM leads. Link referral sites are basically a database of websites and blogs grouped in categories. After creating an account the network marketer will be asked to review up to 15 other websites and write a review of each on a daily basis. This is a great way to make new friends and expand the network of referrals.

Commenting on other blogs and social networking profiles will expand the MLM distributor’s own network of friends, generating a new group of free MLM prospects. This should not be confused with spamming. Commenting should be done on specific posts and not just in a haphazard manner. Remember; each comment will include the name of the MLM distributor and a link to their website, blog or social networking profile.

Writing MLM-specific articles is another great way of establishing authority inside of MLM. When people type in a search term or phrase on a specific MLM topic, and an article appears with the networkers name as the author, if the article answers a specific question, and is not just a spam piece, then the reader will visit the site to learn more about the author.

Radio interviews are another great way to generate free qualified MLM Leads. People love to hang out with famous people. When they are listening to their favorite MLM talk radio show, and a guest is on, the listeners will visit the radio guest’s website or blog to learn more.

Offing a free newsletter to visitors who visit the MLM distributor’s website, blog or social profile is another great way of generating free MLM leads. This is a secret weapon used by every successful MLM leader in the direct selling profession.

An MLM representative can buy a small fish bowl and visit some local restaurants. Talk to the manager and ask for permission to leave the bowl, giving away a free lunch once a week to someone who leaves their business card. By the end of the week, the bowl will be full of local leads.