How to Bid for Window Washing Work

by Troy Pankey ; Updated September 26, 2017

Because many cleaning persons, humorously or not, long have said “ I don’t do windows,” knowing how to bid for window washing work becomes that much more important to you. And there’s a reason why cleaning persons have long turned a blind eye to cleaning windows: Unlike other surfaces that aren’t glass, windows show every minute flaw if they haven’t been perfectly cleaned. Plus, if you don’t know how to bid for window washing work, you could lose any profit margin you set out for yourself or your company.

Cleaning Materials

Figure out what you will use to actually clean the window(s). Choose window cleaning material conducive to cleaning the windows thoroughly and efficiently, based on the location(s) of the windows, how they are framed and what type of glass makes up the windows.

Figure out how much cleaning material is required to complete any given window washing job. Compare prices at different retailers for whatever it is you’ve chosen to use to clean the windows.

Calculate total cost of window washing cleaning material. Write down cleaning material costs on a note sheet.


Size up the general framework and difficulty of the window washing job, by walking around the windows while looking at them and what surrounds them. Annotate anything of importance while figuring out how you will go about completing the window washing job.

Determine if the glass is old southern (made) glass or northern (made) glass, since older wavy southern glass doesn’t show imperfections in cleanliness as much as northern glass, or glass that isn’t wavy. Determine how porous the glass, so as to know how easy or difficult the glass will be to clean. The smoother the glass the easier it is to clean.

Count the number of windows to be cleaned. Write down on your note sheet how many windows are included in this bid for window washing work, and how long it will take you to wash each window.

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Outline in appropriate detail on a “Proposal” or “Bid for Window Washing Work” sheet how you will go about doing the window washing work. Enumerate the windows.

List the cleaning material that will be used to clean the windows. List the costs for the cleaning materials, including sundries.

Make known the total labor costs and/or the hourly labor costs in the bid. State on the proposal sheet what the intended results are for the window washing work.


  • Once you've figured out for yourself what it will take to get the job done, go over it again completely so as to cover even more details in your mind. That way you will be that much more likely to do a good and thorough job.


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