How to Find an EIN Number for a Company

Every company is required to have an EIN number. EIN stands for Employer Identification Number, a nine-digit number given to any business that pays taxes. There are several ways to find a company's EIN.

Look at a public company's 10-K, 20-F or any other SEC filing it may have. Public companies are required to provide full disclosure of all information pertaining to their business. Usually, the EIN will be on the first page of the filing

Ask a non-profit company for a copy of its Form 990. If a company is a exempt from federal taxes because of its non-profit status, it is required to file this form, which reports its earnings and overall mission. The EIN number will be on the first page of the Form 990.

Call a private company or visit its website. A private company does not have to disclose any information pertaining to its business, so getting its EIN number may be a bit more challenging. The number may be on a company invoice or somewhere on its website. If all else fails, contact someone in the accounting department for assistance.

Look at an online company database for results., for example, keeps a record of non-profit 990s in a searchable database. A for-profit company's EIN may be found on a website like or


  • When calling a company for its EIN, don't simply talk to the receptionist. Odds are she won't have that information in front of her. Try talking to someone in accounting or human resources.


  • Some of the websites you find to aid in your search are fee-based, meaning you have to pay to get your information. Try to exhaust all free options before you pay to find the EIN.


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