Whether you are planning a team-building gathering or a holiday celebration, a corporate bowling party can be the perfect event for your employees. Corporate social gatherings provide an opportunity to reward employees for their hard work and boost company morale outside of the office. However, don't focus only on who makes the most strikes or what team plays in a particular lane. Create a festive event featuring decorations focused on bowling.

Choose the Date

Select a time that will be convenient for all employees. You may decide to close the office early for the day to hold the event or wait until the evening. If it is an evening event, give employees time to change clothes or possibly go home briefly before going to the event. For a weekend bowling party, especially, consider allowing employees to invite their spouses to take part.

Use the Bowling Theme

Cut invitations in the shape of a bowling pin, and write the time, date, place and purpose on the invitation. Use fun phrasing, such as, "We will have a strikingly good time!" At the bowling alley, decorate each lane. Buy a number of black balloons to hang, for instance, and use a silver permanent marker to draw holes for the fingers, turning your balloons into bowling balls. If you want to go all out, order team bowling shirts for your staff that bear the name of your company.