How to Best Create and Organize a Project Management Checklist or Checklist Template

Project management checklists are important tools that can help you start, manage and run projects successfully. Some people like using ready-made project management checklist templates to manage projects. While this could be a good start, it is only a first step. A good project management checklist will help you stay focused and make sure you do not forget steps during the various stages of project management. In order to write a successful project management checklist, you must make sure to do your homework ahead of time and enter all pertaining information into the checklist. Once you create a few project checklists you will be able to create your own project management checklist template to use on future projects.

Create sections in the project management checklist.Breaking the checklist into sections will help you outline what needs to be done.

Compose pre-project steps that need to take place before you begin working on your project. These may include finding resources or a team of employees, defining the scope of your project, getting approval from senior management or obtaining a budget for the project. Include all that steps that need to be done before the project can even begin.

Define your project. Do this by creating a check list that defines the full scope of the project in detail.

Set up tasks that you would like to be done by each team member. In order to do this, you will most likely need to start at the beginning with all tasks listed and then decide who should be given each task. Break down each task into sub-tasks, depending on how detailed they are.

Break down tasks into sections with related tasks and then create a mini checklist for each task type. Each section of related tasks should have its own checklist.

Set up a checklist to oversee progress so that you can gauge progress. This should include steps such as holding meetings, handing in reports, and reviewing progress.

Write a list for project delivery and completion. This includes steps such as final QA, final review process, informing clients, etc.


  • It is best to take a project management course to learn how to best manage projects and use project checklists.


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