How to Improve Interdepartmental Communication

Working to improve interdepartmental communication is an ongoing task for every company. Whether the company is large or small, it is crucially important that employees communicate effectively and work well together. A company must offer training seminars and company activities to help employees learn how to streamline communication methods and enjoy getting to know each other via social activities.

Create an employee manual to give to each new employee; update this manual regularly. Include specific advice and techniques for improving interdepartmental communication in the manual. Also include information in each job description about how to communicate effectively with coworkers and people in other departments.

Train managers to know how to help employees work with peers and supervisors throughout the company. Help managers learn how to build a feeling of teamwork that will help employees work well together to build a company with strong morale and success.

Hold activities that help all staff members get to know each other and build a feeling of company-wide pride in the goals and achievements of the company. Social events like holiday parties, reward parties when certain goals are met, and social outings to local events help employees get to know each other and develop friendships that will lead to enhanced teamwork.

Hold off-site training seminars. Employees that spend a day or a week together at an off-site seminar will get to know each other, enjoy some time to focus on bonding with other employees, and will learn valuable skills and information. Off-site training enhances teamwork training and lets employees mingle with staff from all areas of the company.

Use "virtual" teams to help employees at diverse sites work together on projects via use of video, text messaging and social networking.

Encourage company-wide participation in volunteer projects. Employees that work together on volunteer projects to help the community will get to know each other, and will return to work full of pride over their volunteer efforts. Some companies find it helpful to give employees one day per month or per year off from work to participate in volunteer work.

Remind employees to follow the "golden rule" of treating others the way they would like to be treated. Treating other employees respectfully encourages a workplace that is joyful and productive. Good communication is fostered when all employees are kind and care about the well-being of others.

Give all employees memberships to local gyms or museums or other cultural activities. This will help employees get to know each other, maintain health and stimulate their minds with cultural activities. Showing employees that you care about their health is always a wonderful step for a company. Also, employees who work out together will build a bond that will carry over to the workplace and help overall communication throughout the company.


  • Be proactive about planning strategies and activities that will help employees build knowledge of effective communication strategies.

    Set a good example for communications by interacting with all levels of employees and getting to know the names and duties of all employees.


  • Set a budget for communication strategy training and stick to it.