How to Obtain an Ohio Tax ID Number

by Nicole Long ; Updated September 26, 2017
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Starting a small business in Ohio can be easy. The state has established the Ohio Business Gateway. It contains all the information online that you need, with links to applicable information and forms to get your business started. Ohio requires a Federal Employer Identification Number, EIN, be used as the Ohio Tax ID number. The EIN allows businesses to open accounts and file business taxes in Ohio.

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Gather necessary documents. You should have your personal information, such as your Social Security number, and also your business information. This should include your business' organizational structure, business type, location and name.

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Apply for an EIN online. Go to the Internal Revenue Service website, www.IRS.gov. Under the business section, there is a section called Employer I.D Number, or EIN. Click on this link.

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Complete the online application using your personal and business records. This is the preferred method of application, because you will receive your EIN immediately.

Download IRS From SS-4 if you are unable to complete the online application. Fill the form out completely, and fax or mail it to the Internal Revenue Service.

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Fax the completed IRS Form SS-4 form to the Internal Revenue Service at (859) 669-5760. Employer Identification Numbers requested via fax are issued within four days.

Mail the completed application to the Internal Revenue Service. The address to mail completed IRS Form SS-4 is: Internal Revenue Service, Attn: EIN Department, Cincinnati, Ohio 45999. Employer Identification Numbers requested via mail are processed and issued within four weeks.

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