How to Use Tax ID to Apply for Credit

Use a tax identification number (TIN) to obtain credit by establishing a business. Tax identification numbers are also known as employer identification numbers (EIN). In order to have a credit file using a tax identification number, you should create a separate legal entity. Form a small corporation, apply for a TIN number, and establish business credit.

Get Established

Create your business. Establish a name, address and phone number for your business. Use a separate phone number than that of your home. When applying for credit, most companies verify your business phone number and address.

Form a business. Establish a small corporation by filing with the appropriate state in which you want to conduct business in. Go to or, type in “secretary of state” and the state you want to form a business in. For example, for Oregon you would type on “Oregon Secretary of State.” Visit the state’s website, follow the instructions on filing a corporation.

Apply for a TIN. Once you have a business established you are now ready to file for a tax identification number. Apply online for a TIN number by visiting, click on “Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online,” and follow the instructions to apply online.

Establish Credit

Apply for a business account. Begin by applying for an account at an office supply store, such as Staples. Go to, scroll down to "Staples Credit Center" and click; then go to business cards and click on “Revolving” or “Net Pay” and click “Apply Now.” Complete the application with your business information; enter your tax identification number under the TIN section. This is the first step in establishing credit under your tax identification number.

Apply for courier service. Apply for a UPS account to establish credit using your TIN. Go to, select your location, scroll down to quick links and click on “Open an Account.” Use the service and make a payment at least once before the first statement is issued. Courier services typically report payments to credit bureaus within 30 to 45 days after payment is made.

Apply for a charge card. Once you have established a couple of credit lines using your tax identification number, apply for a charge card. Apply for a gas card such as the Chevron business card. Visit, complete the entire online application, enter your TIN under “Federal ID Number," and click "Submit."


  • Contact your local city, county for additional business licenses that may be needed.


  • Tax identification numbers are for tax and business purposes. Do not attempt to replace your social security number with a TIN for personal purposes.