There are several factors that you should consider when pricing firewood. The average market price of firewood depends on the season and region in which it is being sold, plus the type and quantity of wood. One cord (128 cubic inches of cut and stacked wood) is the typical quantity in which firewood is sold.

Things You Will Need
  • Tape Measurer

  • Calculator

Firewood Price Considerations

Determine the type of wood. In particular, determine whether it is hardwood (deciduous trees) or softwood (conifers).

Stack the firewood into a cube with the logs parallel to each other.

Use a tape measure to find the dimensions of the stack (length, width, height).

Use the calculator to multiply the dimensions: length x width x height.

Charge between $175 and $250 for a true cord (128 cubic inches) of softwood (coniferous trees such as fir). If you are delivering and stacking the wood, charge closer to $250. Add $50 to $100 more for hardwood (deciduous trees such as maple). Add convenience charges for quantities of less than a cord. Charge more when demand is high in the fall and winter and less in spring and summer. Take into account standard local firewood prices when charging customers.


Check local newspapers to get a sense of your region's typical firewood prices.


This article describes how to charge for dry (seasoned) firewood. When selling wet (green) firewood, you should charge nearly half the price as you would for seasoned wood.