How to Start an Online Jewelry Store

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Selling jewelry online is a great way to reach a global audience, and requires less start-up capital than a brick and mortar business. Like any business venture, it requires planning and preparation. This guide will help you get started selling your jewelry in a virtual environment.

Research extensively. Find out what the latest trends are in the jewelry market and the going prices. The internet is the best place to do this, since that will be your competition. Also, identify your customer base and what appeals to them.

Find a wholesaler. Unless you design and create your own jewelry to sell, you will need to find a wholesaler with a product line you are interested in selling. I recommend finding a reputable wholesaler that will drop ship directly to your customers. This way you do not have to worry about finding a place to store your inventory or make repeated trips to the post office.

Purchase a domain. Keep in mind when choosing your URL (web address) that less is more. The best URLs are short, memorable, and directly pertaining to the product.

Design your site. Your online presence in very important, especially when marketing products like jewelry. If you are not familiar with web design, it may be worth the money to have your site professionally designed so that you have a beautiful, easy to navigate storefront.

Decide how you will receive payments. A service like PayPal will allow customers to pay with any credit card, bank account, or their own PayPal accounts.

Generate traffic to your web store. Register with search engines, promote yourself in jewelry blogs and forums, hand out business cards, post flyers and anything else you can dream up.


  • Try selling your products on eBay to test the waters of the market and bolster your reputation.


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