How to Start an Event Management Company

Event management companies put together special events on behalf of their clients. These include business meetings, conferences, seminars, festivals, award ceremonies, galas, fundraisers and other celebrations such as weddings and anniversaries. Event management companies range from large-scale operations with many staff members to one-person businesses. Starting an event management company requires some time, effort, energy and proper planning.

Educate yourself. Learn all about the industry in which you are about to start a business. Learn both about what the job of planning events entails as well as what it takes to run an event management company. Some community colleges offer relevant classes, so check those out. Industry professionals and experts in event management also offer special seminars.

Get a job as an event planner or work with a mentor. If this is your first foray into event management, get a job as an event planner with a local event management company before starting your own firm. If you cannot get a job, you may be able to get an internship. Conversely, you can seek out an experienced event-planning professional to act as your mentor. You may offer to work under this person for free while she teaches you the ropes of the business.

Create a legal entity for your business. Decide whether you want to function as an LLC, corporation, partnership or sole proprietor. Bear in mind that the sole proprietorship does not provide liability protections. It is easy to register a company these days using the services of such online business entity registration companies as BizFilings, LegalFilings and LegalZoom.

Market yourself and your company. Decide who your target market is and advertise to this group. You will need an advertising budget as well a specific set of advertising methods, be they online or offline.

Get your first few clients. If it is proving difficult, offer your services to friends, family and acquaintances for free in exchange for a referral and or testimonial. These could then lead to more paid clients.