How to Start a Lawn Spraying Business

A lawn-spraying business can be quite lucrative. Demand for lawn-spraying services comes from customers who are either too busy or physically unable to take care of their lawns themselves. Competition, however, is keen, making the industry a difficult one to enter. However, once you break into the business, expansion can occur rapidly. Determination, high-quality services and people skills are some of the factors needed for a successful lawn-spraying business.

Obtain business advice from experts in the lawn-spraying business. Established entrepreneurs in your locality are unlikely to share information with a potential competitor but you may be successful with an expert in a different locale or state. Consider seeking a mentor through SCORE (see link in Resources below).

Register your business and obtain a business license. Visit for information on how to register your business and obtain a business license in your state (see link in Resources below).

Write a business plan. This will help you determine a direction for your business. You will also need to have a business plan if you wish to apply for a loan from a financial institution. Visit the Small Business Administration for information on how to write a business plan (see link in Resources below).

Select the type of client you wish to target. You can focus on residential clients or commercial clients. Service needs will depend on the type of client you select.

Research your competition. You may wish to find out what services other businesses offer, how often and at what rates.

Obtain capital. Consider applying for a loan from a financial institution or seeking investors.

Purchase equipment and supplies for the various services. Lawn-spraying businesses offer a variety of services to improve the appearance of a lawn, including mowing, fertilization, aeration, weed control, leaf removal and pruning. The equipment needed to provide these services include sprayers, edgers, blowers, trimmers and mowers.

Purchase vehicles. Your employees will need vehicles in which to transport the equipment and supplies they need to perform work at the client’s site.

Hire employees. You may wish to employ people who have experience with lawn care services or those who are willing to receive training.

Advertise your services. This may involve knocking at doors, sending out fliers, and handing out business cards. You can reach even more people in your town by advertising on the Internet.

Offer incentives to potential customers to increase your client base. Incentives may include special services and free or discounted services.



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