How to Manage Construction Safety


If you're working a construction job, whether it's residential or commercial, make sure that you and your crew are safe. Managing construction safety is an important part of any contractor or manager's job. Your workers need to stay safe, even if it is an inconvenience. Correctly and effectively identifying potential dangers can help you establish safety protocol for all of those who work at the construction site.

Identify possible safety risks around the job site. Note those obvious ones, but also look for smaller risks that workers may not immediately think of, such as a small shock hazard or an area where safety gloves are a must. Look at the job site with a careful eye, and write down any concerns about the different areas of the site and potential problems.

Establish protocol for these areas by defining the risk, and then choosing a way to diminish or combat that risk. For instance, if there is an area where flying wood chips could be a problem, institute protocol for wearing safety glasses when working near wood-cutting machines. Ask for employee input to help you find solutions to common safety problems.

Educate your workers and anyone who comes to the construction site about safety practices. You could hold a construction site-wide meeting where you have a brief discussion on safety and discuss why it is important as you introduce the new rules and regulations.

Remind workers and employees to adhere to the new safety rules by posting clear signs near each potential danger. These signs should be brief and easy to read, or simply contain an image so that workers know what type of safety equipment will be needed to enter a certain zone. Use bright, cautionary colors like red, orange and yellow to capture workers' attention.

Discipline workers who refuse to follow safety protocol. They may think it's silly, but you need to set a precedent concerning the importance of safety procedures. Remind them that safety protocol is non-negotiable and must be follow for their own good. Those who do not follow can be put on a different duty away from the construction zone or sent home for the day. Being stern about rules means you can manage construction safety effectively and keep everyone at the job site safe and sound.

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