How to Get A Classroom Grant

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Classroom grants, also known as school grants, are awarded to teachers and schools for the purchase of supplies and to fund learning-based activities. Classroom grants can come in any size, but typically awards range in the $100 to $3,000 range. While small grants do not usually require you to make a full grant proposal, they do require the completion of a grant application. Applications are scored by government agencies or foundations. The grants are then given to the grant applicant with the highest scores. Competition is fierce, and the difference between acceptance and denial can only be a fraction of a percentage point at times. Learn how to increase your chances.

Cut the fluff. Funding agencies want real answers. Give facts, not assumptions. If the reviewer reads answers that aren't thought out well, points will be subtracted.

Make your project fit the qualifications. For instance, if a grant requires you to have community involvement and you are unwilling to put community involvement in your project plans, then you should not waste your time on the application. Find a grant that better suits the plan.

Get approval and support from supervisors. Funding agencies want to see that the grant money will be well used and plans will not suffer because a teacher did not get the proper approval. If you have to be asked for approval during the application process, points will be reduced.


  • Always be truthful on grant applications. If you do not know the facts, don't guess. Take the time to find out.




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