There are two important decisions to make before you open a lawn mower shop. The first is whether you will cater to homeowners or landscapers or both. The merchandise you carry depends on that decision. The second is whether or not you will carry other lines of merchandise to sell in the off-season.

Manufacturers and distributors are a great resource when you set up shop. They offer training for mechanics and sales staff, can suggest inventory levels and supply you with merchandising fixtures. Keep in mind that a full-service lawn mower shop should include repair service.

Things You Will Need
  • Inventory

  • Display systems

  • Workstations

  • Air compressors

  • Tools

  • Waste disposal system

Step 1.

Start with a large, open show room for mowers and other yard tools such as trimmers, blowers, edgers and chain saws. Display riding mowers and small tractors on the floor. Install display racks for push mowers and hanging systems for trimmers and blowers.

Step 2.

Set up display cases or wall systems for accessories like gloves, goggles and ear protection. Include a selection of gas cans and other parts owners buy for doing their own repair such as blades, spark plugs, line for trimmers and oil.

Step 3.

Build a counter with parts storage behind it for over-the-counter sales of small parts. The same workstation can be used for writing up work orders, scheduling mower repair, drop-off and pick-up.

Step 4.

Put a large door in the shop so mowers can be moved outside for display during the store's open hours.

Step 5.

Create a repair shop with workbenches that include tool storage and air compressors. The repair shop must be well ventilated, so install ventilation systems and include fans at workstations. Include a parts-cleaning station.

Step 6.

Arrange for disposal of wastes like oil and fuel. Check the regulations in your area to see if you can install a large tank that can be cleaned out periodically, or if you must take other measures.

Step 7.

Make sure there's a green space outside the shop so repairmen can test the mowers and other tools as they repair them. Include logs so chain saws can be tested.


Purchase a point-of-sale inventory control system.

Consider buying a delivery vehicle that's big enough for lawn mowers.