How to Accept Credit Cards in Quickbooks

If you have a business and use Quickbooks for your accounting needs, you can also use Quickbooks to accept credit card payments. Quickbooks does not come ready for credit card use out of the box. Instead, you have to apply for a merchant account through the company that owns Quickbooks to set up credit card processing in the program. Once you do that, you can accept credit cards anytime and any place if you have internet access.

In your web browser, go to the Intuit Payment Solutions website.

Locate the section of the screen that reads “Take Payments in QuickBooks.” It is on the lower right side. Click on the “Apply Now” link in this section. This brings up the Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Service Application.

Complete the Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Service Application. Click “Next” at the bottom of each screen to navigate through it. Enter information on your business such as the establishment date, address, contact information, bank account number and estimated sales figures. Submit the application when you get to the final screen. The application will be reviewed and then approved. While your application can be denied, most applications are approved.

Open your Quickbooks software once you get approved by Intuit Payment Solutions. From the Customer menu, select “Receive Payments.” Then select “Learn About Credit Card processing” from the options available. This takes you to the login page.

Log in to the credit card processing page using your user name and password from Intuit Payment Solutions. When you want to record a payment for an invoice, you will proceed just as you do for a check or cash payment, only you will select “Credit card.” You can enter the credit card number by hand or use a card reader if you opted to get one. With the card reader you need to select the “Swipe Card” button from the top of the screen before swiping the card in the card reader.