How to Manage a Self Storage Unit On Site Manager

After working for over a year at a self storage unit,Here are some ideas on how to manage a self storage unit.

The manager of a self storage unit is on site and usually is given a small apartment to live in. The self storage companies will own storage units all across the United States and hire local managers to run each location. The apartments are normally 2 bedroom ,living room,kitchen and a laundry room or utility room.

As a manager you must maintain a certain percentage of storage unites rented. You can offer discounts for new customers and make sure you check the competition rates to stay competitive. You need to evaluate the size of the storage unit a customer might need. Its important to take new customers out to the storage units.Make sure you tour the storage grounds daily and pick up any trash and inspect the units for damage. There you can show them how the security is set up and to see if the unit is the right size for the amount of furniture or items they want to store.

The next step is to have them sign all the paper work.They will need to provide you with a good phone number and home address. You will then set the customer with a security code so they can enter the storage unit. Most storage facilities will have a security gate that can only be accessed with each customers individual security code. Each day and monthly you will need to fill out reports on how many units are rented and how many are vacant. Call your customers and maintain a good report with them and they will pay their monthly fees on time.

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