How to Add Amazon Ad Code to a Wordpress Blog

Would you like to link to Amazon products on your blog and earn a little cash from affiliate sales income? There's not much HTML knowledge involved in getting the code on your blog. This article will show you how to do so quickly and easily using a Wordpress blog.

Establish an Amazon affiliate membership (see Resources below). Set up your information with your name, email, choices on how you want to receive payments, your username and any other information that is needed by Amazon.

Once this step is complete and everything is ready to go with Amazon you are ready to create a link to a product. Go to the Affiliate Program page. Sign in to your account.

Decide if you want to use a product link, banner or widget - the steps are the same for each. For demonstration purposes the product link example is provided. On the Affiliate main page, click the tab called "Links & Banners" on the tabbed menu at the top.

On the new page for Product Links select "Add Product Links Now."

You can narrow down your search for the exact product you want to sell using the drop-down menu to select a category within Amazon's product line. You can enter an exact title or give an ASIN/ISBN if you know it. Press Go.

If you get more than one result in your search, find the proper one. Click the button that says "Get Link" for the one you picked.

In the window that opens, select your link type. If you choose "Text and Image" (Enhanced Display) you don't have to copy the image and upload it. Amazon will serve the image. If you choose "Image Only" you will need to copy the image and upload it. If you choose "Text Only" you get a text link with no photo.

You can customize the link to fit your blog's color scheme, then you are ready to grab the HTML for the product link. It's immediately under what you see in the image in Step 7. Copy that HTML.

It's best to leave the Amazon page open. If you need the HTML again it will be easy to locate. In a new browser tab sign in to your Wordpress blog. Create a new post title in the usual way. Type some text in the blog post to talk about the product you are planning to link.

At the top of the Wordpress blog post entry field, click the tab that says HTML.

Find the spot where you want to insert to link to the product. Paste the HTML from Amazon there.

At the top of the Wordpress blog post entry field, click the tab that says "Visual." Check visually to make sure things turned out the way you want. Select "Save Draft" and then Preview the post so you can click on the link to make sure it really goes to the Amazon page you want, then close the Preview.

If you have finished writing the text you want to have appear with the link, you are ready to click "Publish."

Customize the link.


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