How to Upload a Resume Online

Using the Internet as a tool in your job search is crucial these days. An important step of this process involves uploading your resume, whether to a job posting site, or as part of a job application.

Before you begin, be sure to check and re-check your resume for typos and other errors. Once you've submitted a resume as part of a job application, there's no going back. You may be able to re-upload your resume on certain sites, but the damage will already have been done if the resume with typos has been seen and discarded by Human Resources.

Create a PDF document, you'll need Adobe Acrobat. You can pay to purchase it at (Adobe Reader, the program that allows you to open PDF documents, but not create or edit them, can be downloaded for free), or ask around and see if a friend who has Acrobat can turn your word processing document into a PDF. If you have Acrobat, you can make a PDF of your resume by clicking "Print." In the pop-up box that results, you will see a button that says "PDF"--hover over this and click "Save as PDF." You'll want a PDF version of your resume for some instances and a word document for others.

When you find a job opportunity online that requires you to upload your resume, determine what kind of upload this is. Usually, uploading your resume will simply upload the document whole to be submitted to the potential employer in it's current file form. This will also, obviously, be the case if you are uploading it to send as an attachment in an email. If this is the case, you should use the PDF version of your resume so the formatting is not altered if opened in a different word processing program. However, if you are uploading your resume so that the information in it may be used to automatically populate an online form, which has become more and more common in online job applications, you will want to use the word processing document.

No matter which channel through which you are uploading your resume, click the "upload" button on the appropriate page (or in the case of an email, the "Attach" button). Find your resume by clicking on the folder where your resume is located on your computer, and either double click the file name, or click upload.

If the resume is being used to populate a form field, or in other words, to fill in the "blanks" of an online form--so, name, address, email and phone number --be sure to read through the form thoroughly after you upload the resume. These automatic population processes are far from perfect--often your name will end up in the "Phone number" field, your work experience in the "Name" field.