How to Attract Real Estate Investors

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Tara Dodrill

Attracting investors via promotions and marketing is integral to a successful and profitable development or real estate deal. Providing a strong business plan and documentation of proven net to gross and profit-and-loss ratios of an existing commercial real estate commodity are equally necessary when attracting investors.

Retain a real estate brokerage to market the real estate investment property in real estate guides, online and in related media outlets. Realtor advertising reaches hundreds to thousands of potential buyers each week or during each television commercial.

Gather all documentation for a prospective investor packet. Include county plat map of project, satellite photos of the area, profit and loss information, square footage of the building, photos or computer-generated images of the interior and exterior of the building, staff and administration overview, crime rate for the facility area, location of nearby fire and police stations, proof of insurance, clear title and deed.

Register with an investor recruiting company or website. Membership with an investor relations websites requires a fee, which varies by company and type of services. Such companies network with investors who are seeking moneymaking opportunities.

Host an open house to showcase the attributes of the building and investment opportunities and to provide samples of the products or services for potential investor review. Hiring an event planner to organize the event would be beneficial to the enterprise.

Contact the local or state department of development for additional funding opportunities and resources, which can be used to attract investors. Projects that increase job opportunities, housing or quality of life in a specific area can be eligible for grant funding, corporate tax variances and other money-saving measures for builders and investors.


  • Research investors' networking groups and real estate brokerages before contracting with them for services. Make sure you have, in writing, the types of sevices and advertisements that are covered.