How to Prevent Head Injuries in the Workplace

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Preventing head or any type of injury in the workplace is very important because no employer wants to have to tell an employee's family that their loved one has been seriously hurt or killed on the job. In addition, accidents can be very costly when they result in hospital and doctor bills, insurance increases, possible fines from OSHA or a state agency, attorney fees and lost time from the job. A well-organized and properly conducted safety program can reduce the number of work-related accidents to zero.

If the workplace is conducive to head injuries, purchase OSHA-approved hard hats and issue one to each employee. Require all employees to wear their hard hats in areas where head injuries can occur and set an example by wearing a hard hat yourself.

Mark all head-level beams, ceilings and other protuberances with signs that state, "Watch your head."

Conduct a safety meeting and discuss how to avoid head injuries such as keeping focused on the job, watching where you are going and wearing a hard hat at all times. Ask for suggestions from employees on how to avoid head injuries.

Form a safety team from among your employees and require that they conduct an audit each month listing practices and conditions that are conducive to head injuries. Act on their report by removing or correcting the reported safety hazards.

Organize an annual save-your-head contest where people, teams or departments receive an award for being injury-free during the year. Awards can be plaques or a nice gift such as pen and pencil sets, fishing rods or anything that an employee would appreciate and use.


  • A safety program will not be successful unless the employer makes a commitment and demonstrates his commitment daily. Involvement of the employees will also increase success of a safety program.