Registered trademarks are useful business tools that allow a person or company to claim the rights to a specific product, phrase, logo, etc. that furthers a brand name or can be used in other marketing techniques. Trademarks are registered and listed in a database maintained by the United States Patent and Trademark office so that full documentation of who the rightful owner of each trademark is can be easily accessed by the general public and other businesses. Researching trademarks is easy with a computer and Internet connection.

Step 1.

Visit the United States Patent and Trademark Organization website listed in the resources section.

Step 2.

Type the trademark you are researching or words pertaining to a potential trademark in the "Search" box. Hit enter or click "Search."

Step 3.

Scroll through the list of trademark names until you find the one you are looking for, then click on its link to be taken to the information page.


The more specific words you can provide regarding the trademark you are researching, the easier it will be to narrow down you search.