How to Write a Church Start Up Plan

Starting a new church is a big undertaking, and doing it right requires lots of prayer and planning. Writing a church start up plan can help; outline what's needed to have a successful start and to build a church that will last. A church start up plan also serves as a written reference guide to help you stay focused on the purpose and mission of the church.

Identify the mission and purpose. Starting a church isn’t quick and easy. To launch a church that will last, carefully consider what its mission and purpose should be. If you feel God has called you to organize this church, consider what He wants the congregation to do. All your efforts should be driven by this.

Gather a core group. Recruit people who will partner with you in ministry. Once you have this core group, determine what role each individual should play, based on personal strengths and weaknesses.

Study the community where you want to start a church. Learn about area demographics and the needs of the people who live around the site for your church.

Plan how to reach out to the community. Based on the information that you’ve gathered, work with your core team to determine ways the church can interact with the people who live nearby. The church start up plan should include ministries you’ll offer, outreaches you’ll hold and other tangible ways you can meet people's needs.

Focus on logistics. The final part of your church start up plan should include where and when the church will meet. If you’ve already chosen a location, include information about the space, any costs associated with it and ways to cover those costs. If you’re still looking for a place for the church to meet, outline what's needed so the core group can look for a suitable space. Also identify any financial or equipment needs and the ways you expect to handle them.


  • If you’re starting a church under the umbrella of an established denomination, consult its headquarters to see what resources are available for new congregations.


  • Starting a church can take lots of time and energy. Set aside time for family and friends so you don't jeopardize those relationships.