Nightclubs are a place for friends to gather together to watch entertainment, dance the night away, or relax after a long day of work. Opening a nightclub in Texas is one way you can go into business for yourself, but if you plan on doing so in that state, you need to follow Texas state laws and federal laws regarding nightclubs, especially regarding serving alcoholic beverages to the public.


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Find funding for your new venture. You will need to have plenty of start-up money to invest in your nightclub as you attempt to get it up and going. Contact local banks in Texas and inquire about business loans. Research and find out if there are any available grants for starting a new business in Texas. Businesses who have a minority or a woman owner can apply for grants to start the nightclub.


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Choose a name for your nightclub and write a business plan. The business plan describes the direction you would like your Texas nightclub to go in and should focus on potential growth. Write a mission statement that includes your ideas on your company’s philosophy toward customers.


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Register your name with the State of Texas. This can get complicated but involves contacting the Texas Secretary of State and registering the name online or mailing in a registration form.

Register your nightclub with the Internal Revenue Service and get a Employer Identification Number. Completing this task ensures that you can pay your federal taxes via your EIN number and you can be identified as a business at state and federal levels through your EIN.

Pick a location for your nightclub. The location should be somewhere easily accessible and close to the center of a city or town. Make sure the nightclub meets all safety requirements and that you can get permits for the building to become a nightclub. Have a fire safety inspector from the Texas fire department come to inspect your building and give you a certificate stating you are in good standing.

Apply for business licenses and permits for your Texas nightclub. You will need licenses to sell alcohol, and you can get the licenses from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. (See References.) The type of license that you get will depend on the type of alcohol you wish to serve. If you serve beer you will need a beer and wine permit, and if you plan on selling mixed drinks you will need a mixed beverage permit. If you plan on serving food at your nightclub you will need to get your kitchen inspected by the state and become licensed to serve food.

Buy business insurance to protect your nightclub in case of loss or damages. Business insurance can be bought from an insurance companies that cover commercial properties; they will advise you about how much insurance to purchase.


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Hire people to run your nightclub and train them before your doors open. This ensures that your staff will know how to serve customers at your nightclub from day one. You will need bartenders, wait staff, and security. Run help-wanted advertisements in Texas newspapers and online.

Promote your new Texas nightclub. Contact local media outlets and promote yourself heavily online via social networks such as MySpace and Facebook. Create a website to promote your nightclub and create a blog to promote nightclub news.