How to Write Seminar Invitations

Business owners might stage free seminars to bolster business or collaborate in organizing a knowledge-rich industry seminar with special speakers and registration fees. Whatever the reason, the quality of seminar invitations can impact attendance numbers. By outlining essential seminar information and positioning your seminar with a professional marketing approach, professionals in any industry can create seminar invitations that resonate with recipients.

Write Seminar Invitations

Begin with a clear, crisp design. Select a design with no more than four colors and plenty of white space for easy printing and to avoid visual overload. Choose an business invitation design template present in your word-processing program or download one from office software companies like Microsoft.

Type your seminar title at the top center of your seminar invitation in a 14- or 16-point font. Apply boldface, italics or underline effects to the seminar title to make it stand out.

Give the essential seminar information on the main portion of the invitation. List seminar date, time, location and registration avenues (online, mail or telephone). Mention registration fees if they apply.

Give an overview of seminar topics. Make a subheading in an italic 10-point font that reads, "Seminar Topics." List the topics covered in the seminar in bullet form. Word the topics in the most succinct, engaging way possible (for instance, opt for "Doubling Your Clientele With Social-Networking Techniques" instead of "A Discussion of Social-Networking Websites That Can Increase Your Clientele").

Briefly outline speaker biographies. List a speaker's current title and company, publications and any achievements. Include a small headshot of speakers if space permits.

Spotlight seminar selling points. Create a second 10-point subheading that reads, "Highlights." Make a bullet list of how the information will be presented. Mention items like PowerPoint presentations, Q&A sessions, roundtable or panel discussions, brown-bag lunches, software demonstrations or free information packets.

Offer testimonials. Create a 10-point font subheading that reads, "Praise From Past Attendees." List two to five quotations of positive feedback you've received from those who attended prior conferences, listing their name, title and business.

Mention added incentives for attendance. State any free gifts that are available to early registrants. Mention the rarity of the seminar if it occurs only a few times a year or less.


  • Offering more than one way to register for a seminar can bolster response rates.


  • Never include claims or promises in your seminar invitation that you cannot deliver.