How to find wholesale Mac and other cosmetics

Do you want to sell Mac Cosmetics and other brands like Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder, La Mer and other high end lines? It can be challenging to find that suppliers of those items that are not trying to rip you off or ones that sell old products. But they are out there!

First check online auction sites. Find the sellers with large amounts of the brands you want to sell and contact them to see if they have a wholesale mailing list. Many of those sellers would rather sell alot at a discounted price.

There is also a store site listed in the resources where a lot of wholesale cosmetic sellers list their items.

Try auctions for wholesale lots of buy in bulk quanties. This can save you tons of time and money. Google for wholesale cosmetics or wholesale MAC or the other brands you are looking for. Don't get discouraged and give up after the first few pages.

Message boards. Look for cosmetics and wholesale message boards. Many sellers post their lots on message boards at wholesale sites.

Trade shows are a great way to meet wholesalers. I went to a discount show in Las Vegas where you can meet overstock suppliers and I also visited with reps from Elizabeth Arden.

Outlets. High end retail outlets or other outlet stores routinely stock discountinued lines or other items.

Try contacting the brands directly. Some are willing to sell to those opening an online store that is legitimate but be prepared to spend a large amount up front to get started.


  • Make sure your products are fresh Get references from the people you decide to buy from Watch out for fakes and items from foreign coutries.