How to Start a Marble and Granite Business

by Bill Herrfeldt ; Updated September 26, 2017

Whether you have had a passion for stonework since you were a child, or you can see a future for yourself by owning your own company, there are several things that you must do to start a marble and granite business. It is a highly competitive business, so you must do a lot of homework before you go into business. Here are a few hurdles you must cross if you want to become an active player in that business.

Learn how to be successful in the marble and granite business from people in the business. Since you are a potential threat, it is highly unlikely that you'll find a company in your local market who is willing to talk to you. You'll need to find people who run companies like these in markets where you will not compete. In addition, you should make contact with the people at Marble Institute of America, who are especially helpful to those wishing to enter the business.

Decide what part of the marble and granite business you would like to enter. For example, you could become a distributor of ready-made products made by manufacturers. Or you could add value to those products by offering design and architectural services to your customers. Or you could become an importer of fine marble and granite products. There are several ways that you can participate in the market, and it is up to you to decide what the focus will be.

Arrange your financing. Unless you have the money necessary to go into the marble and granite business, buy inventory and sustain the business for the first several months, you will need to plead your case with your local bank. Before you do, it is advisable to construct a business plan that includes details about your business, your background, your expectations as to when the business will become profitable, the amount of money you will need to open the doors, and other details. If the bank is unsympathetic to your request, check with the people at the Small Business Administration who make loans for start-up businesses.

Make a marketing plan for the business. Start by deciding how you plan to sell the market your granite and marble products. Do you intend to sell your products only on the Internet? Or will you have salespeople calling on local businesses and homes? What level of business do you project during the first year you're open? What will be the projected profit during the first year, and is it enough to sustain you after the costs of inventory, personnel, quarters and other costs?

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