How to Make Money Selling Tickets Online

Popular concert and sporting event tickets that sell out are great opportunities for making profit with little start-up money. Here's how.

Research what tickets are going on sale soon. Google, Ticketmaster, and are great places to do this.

Find out what events are going to sell out. The highly-marketed concerts on Ticketmaster (Britney Spears, U2, ACDC) usually sell out. Significant sporting events are usually guaranteed to sell out (world series, NCAA March Madness, Red Sox vs Yankees, etc.) A lot of events require entering a lottery to be eligible for tickets; enter as many of these as possible. Also look for big artists performing at small venues, such as Jay Z doing a one night show at a club in Boston- supply and demand for a huge name at a tiny venue is great for a ticket reseller.

Buy the tickets. This will usually be on Ticketmaster. Popular onsale times are 10:00 am on Friday and Saturdays. Some events offer presales that require you to have a password to get access to tickets before the general public. often provides these passwords.Get there early and refresh on the buy page right before the start time.

Download different browsers! Ticketmaster doesn't allow more than one transaction simultaneously, but you can do this if you use different browsers. Download Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Three chances at tickets is better than one.

Sell the tickets. Listing on Stubhub is very easy and so is pricing your tickets effectively. Use Ebay if you need your money back right away, because there you can get instant payment via PayPal, whereas Stubhub doesn't pay you until the buyer receives the tickets.

Remember to keep records and avoid losses. Setting up a simple spreadsheet on Excel is a great way to track what you have sold and for what price. Sometimes you may have been wrong about the supply and demand of the tickets and have to sell at a loss. This is okay, just make sure to at least SELL THE TICKETS. Every positive feedback on Ebay is worth something.

Take advantage of moving money and product. Look into finding a credit card that gives rewards for spending money. This can be a great benefit on top of the profits you make buying and selling the tickets.


  • Don't expect tickets to sell out because you are a big fan of them. Research is key. Established names, especially with middle-aged fans (the ones who can afford the tickets) are the best. Examples are Phish, Eagles, etc. There are always exceptions. The Jonas Brothers are targeted at children and have a great following, but likely won't sell out in Vegas on a Saturday because no parents are going to take their children there to see them. Stubhub is best for beginners since it provides free shipping and no contact with the actual customers.


  • Laws for the resale of tickets vary by state. Most have to do with the location of the VENUE of the event, not the address of the purchaser. Be sure to check the legality of reselling tickets in your area. Sometimes you may have people email you telling you how immoral you are for overpricing your tickets. Remember that it is simple supply and demand. The market determines the price, not you. And you are providing a service by getting the best tickets for people.


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