Typewriters may not be as popular as they were prior to the advent of home computers, but there is still some demand. Brother makes more than 20 styles of typewriter for personal and business use. A popular feature on many of these machines is correction tape, which must be changed periodically. The process of changing correction tape varies for different models. Learn how to change the correction tape on an AX20 electronic typewriter. (For additional models, see Resources.)

Step 1.

Position the correction tape carrier so that it is in the center of the platen--the carrier that holds the spools of correction tape.

Step 2.

Lift open the typewriter's top cover. Remove the cassette ribbon ink cartridge and set it aside.

Step 3.

Pull the spools of correction tape off of the carrier. Press against the correction tape and pull it parallel with the platen to lift and remove from the machine.

Step 4.

Move the new tape through the left guide. The rough side of the tape should face the platen. Position the tape from the left, behind the ribbon guide, to the right.

Step 5.

Secure the feeder spool on the left pin and the take-up spool on the right pin. The feeder spool will hold the bulk of the tape, and the used tape will move onto the take-up spool.

Step 6.

Wind the take-up spool counterclockwise to tighten up the slack. Move a bit of the correction portion of the tape onto the take-up spool.

Step 7.

Re-install the cassette ribbon cartridge that you removed in Step 3 and shut the lid.


Two types of correction tapes are available for this model: lift-off correction tape and cover-up correction tape.