When most individuals think about starting a business, selling flower seeds may not be their first idea of a successful, profitable business. However, this can be a very rewarding business with which you can make money and do something great for the earth.

Things You Will Need
  • Fresh seeds

  • Fliers

  • Business cards

Apply for a business license and tax number (EIN). In order to start a business, you’ll need a business license and employer/employee identification number. Without these documents, you could be fined. Learn how to get a business license in your state at the Small Business Administration (SBA). (See Resources.)

Determine your location or sales platform. The first thing you’ll need to decide is whether you’ll have an actual brick-and-mortar business or an online business. Obviously, an online business will cost less to start because there are no rental fees, and setting up a website is relatively inexpensive. If you will choose a local brick-and-mortar business, you need to find a location and rent or purchase it. Try to find a location that is in a nice part of town–around other businesses and easily viewable by the public. If your business will be an online business, you’ll need to think of a domain name and register it, and purchase a website and hosting. You can get all of this for around $20 at GoDaddy.com.

Obtain the necessary supplies and the flower seeds you want. There are many different wholesalers that can provide you with quality seeds for a good price. Do some research on the seasons and when certain flowers bloom so you’ll know which flower seeds to stock. In addition, you'll need to purchase fresh seeds that have been dried and properly harvested so that they are more viable. A few reputable wholesalers to consider are: Flower Soul and Harris Seeds. (See Resources.) If you’re going with a physical business, you may need to purchase display racks and signs showing what the flowers will look like in full bloom. There are many places to find these displays and other things your business will need, including Ne Seed. (See Additional Resources for link).

Advertise your seed business, whether it will be an online or physical business. Marketing is the key to any successful business, and there are many ways in which you can do this. Think about your target market and create your advertising campaigns specifically for them. For instance, those who are interested in seeds might include older men and women in the middle to upper middle class. For an online business, writing articles and using picture ads in various sites will do the trick. For a local business, you will need fliers, business cards and press releases. Other options include sending direct mail, taking out newspaper ads or making commercials. You might also visit online forums, websites and blogs about seeds and flowers to advertise. Post messages, answer questions and leave links to your own website. This is a great way of attracting potential customers.

Create a payment platform. If you’re going to be doing business online, you’ll need a way for your customers to pay you. One of the best ways is by opening a PayPal account, which is completely free. You can set up buttons on your website that customers will click. This button will take them to their own PayPal account or let them pay with a credit card. You can learn more about setting up PayPal ecommerce at PayPal.com.