How to Make a Powerpoint Presentation Interesting

A PowerPoint presentation is an effective way to provide information to a group. Shown on a large screen, the presentation can cover a number of points of interest to the audience, and can be used to give updates, to be persuasive, or to encourage action from the participants. However, a PowerPoint presentation must be created in a way to keep the interest and the attention of the participants. The following provides steps to help you make your PowerPoint presentation interesting.

Use appropriate graphics and photos to break up the text on each slide. Graphics and photos should complement the text rather than taking its place or overwhelming the slide.

Keep the use of text to a minimum. Put words in bullet form and use short phrases instead of complete sentences. Include only three to five lines of text per slide.

Include animation in the text and graphics. PowerPoint enables you to have bullet points appear one at a time, fly in from the side, and appear in other entertaining ways, to keep your presentation interesting.

When giving the presentation, add to the information provided on each slide as you speak, rather than reading from the screen. Have a copy of the presentation in front of you and use it as a guide.

Use other modes, such as music or a short film clip, to add interest to the presentation. Use other modes sparingly and only to enhance your PowerPoint presentation.


  • Use dark colors for text to ensure the words can be read in any type of lighting environment.


  • A large number of slides will cause your audience to lose interest. Limit the number of slides to only those necessary to convey your information. Use special effects sparingly. Sometimes flying sentences look silly, especially when there is no apparent reason for them to do so.