How to Make Logos

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A corporate logo is the visual communication of the company's business. Logos are inherently part of the company's marketing and branding. Without a vibrant, eye-catching logo that communicates who the company is and what they're about, sales languish. Here's how to create a logo:

Log on to your computer and open Adobe Illustrator.

Consider what the logo should communicate from a business perspective. What is the company's mission? What are its products and services? How are all these aspects of the company best communicated through a corporate logo?

Consider logo design and branding. What shape should the logo take? What text and/or graphics should be employed? How can you ensure consistent branding across other forms of marketing communication?

Using Illustrator tools, design several versions of your logo idea. This step is equivalent to brainstorming - you want several logo samples to choose from. Generally, you will want to use a 4-color process in CMYK to design the logo.

When you are finished designing the final version of the logo, save the file as a PDF and send it off to the printer. Your printer may also require you to send them the original Illustrator file along with all linked files.


  • The logo is the company's primary visual communication of who they are and what they do. Thus, the logo must be clear, readable, eye-catching, and understandable to the general public.

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