How to Advertise a Painting Business

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Individuals and businesses are continuously changing the paint on the inside and outside of buildings and homes. Running a painting business can be lucrative, but only if you have constant work. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through advertising your painting business.

Set a budget for your advertising. This will determine what forms of advertising you can do.

Create business cards for your painting business. Do this yourself or hire a professional. Hand these cards out to all present and prospective clients. Leave cards at places where people who are looking for painters frequent.

Make fliers to advertise your painting business. Include special prices or discounts. Mail these out and post them in high-traffic areas.

Get other forms of advertising for your painting business. Buy magnets, calendars, pens, pencils and other gadgets or trinkets to hand out with all of your vital information. Give these out to present and prospective customers.

Check out billboard prices in the area. This can be an expensive form of advertising and usually requires a contract, but it can be worth it. Realize that the prices do differ for the sign locations, so check out several.

Contact mobile advertisers. This also is expensive and has a time requirement. Concentrate on areas where you think you will get your most new customers.

Place an ad in the local newspaper. Use the information on your flier or create a new design. This could be a small ad in the classifieds section up to a complete page advertising your painting business.

Advertise your painting business in the phone book. Contact several different phone book publishers to compare pricing of various size ads or at least place your business name in the regular business listings.

Put ads in trade magazines and other publications. Use any type of publication that will be read by someone who may need a painter (businesses and homeowners).


  • Examples of places to advertise using cards and fliers include hardware and paint stores, new home shows, trade events or conferences, chambers of commerce, business groups, small and large contractors and home associations.