The bidding process for demolition work can be wrought with challenges amidst intense competition. After all, it is not just a matter of who can do the job, but who can do it best and within the best cost framework possible. Here are some aspects to consider when bidding for demolition work.

Proposals are the biggest part of the bidding process

Step 1.

Before you actually make your bid, be sure you have the staffing to do the job. You are selling your team on its capabilities to do this job better than anyone else, which is another way of saying that you have the best people around for the job. Be sure that you actually do. Choose people for your demolition team who you know from personal and professional experience are professional, reliable and efficient. Be sure they have the project experience to back up those attributes and utilize those references in your materials when you formally place your bid for the job.

Step 2.

Put together a proposal or statement of qualifications. This is the standard way of bidding on a job and can be a challenging process if technical and professional writing and editing is not your specialty. If you don't have access through your company to in-house marketing services, ask a family member or friend who has a good grasp of proper grammar and diction to read over your proposal. It should include information about the financial viability of your company, staffing and staffing experience, a company overview and general information about why you are the best company for the job. Bring up any and all demolition work you have had experience with, no matter how long ago it was.

Step 3.

Follow proper submission protocol, depending on the contracting agency or person. There are specific instructions for submitting a bid for demolition work, usually depending on the agency or person contracting for the job. Read over their requirements carefully, reading through the request line by line to be sure that you follow the correct submission guidelines.

Step 4.

Sell yourself and your company’s qualifications with clarity and confidence. Be clear about what you do and be confident when listing why your company is best to do the demolition on this particular job. Don’t oversell yourself, meaning don’t gush on and on about how you are the best with little to no evidence as to why you are claiming to be. The point to get across when bidding is that your organization is able, ready, capable and willing to take on this project and would do so within the guidelines of the contracting organization.