How to E-Publish a Book

E-publishing a book is just a matter of publicizing your book online for the general public to purchase and/or read. Some e-publish books for a fee, while others offer them for free to promote another product or service. There are a few basic steps that you need to take prior to the actual act of putting the book up online for the world to see. Then you have to promote it so that people will know that the e-book exists online.

Write your e-book in Microsoft Word or a similar word processing program and have someone you know and trust edit it for spelling, grammar and flow. Format the e-book to look exactly as you want it to appear as someone is reading it. Most e-books are sized to 6-by-9 inches with 1-inch margins all around and a 12 point font for the text.

Purchase a block of ISBNs from Bowker (see link under "Resources"). The ISBN number identifies your book to the international book community. It is how retailers and wholesalers are able to look up your book information.

Create a cover for your e-book in PDF format or hire a graphic designer to draw one up.

Save the finished text file and then convert it to PDF using Adobe Acrobat, Professional or Distiller. A quick note about these programs: Adobe Distiller is a stand alone program that comes in the Adobe Acrobat package, and Adobe Acrobat and Professional are programs that will allow you to pull up your Microsoft Word file and automatically convert it to a PDF. Professional is the newest of all the PDF conversion programs from Adobe.

Add the e-book cover to the front of your new text PDF file—Adobe Acrobat and Professional allow you to combine PDF files in this way. Otherwise you will have to design the e-book cover at the beginning of your text Word file and then convert everything to PDF at once.

Sign up for an account with Amazon's CreateSpace Digital Text Platform (see link under "Resources"). With this account you will be able to upload e-book files that will be available for sale on These e-books can be downloaded by Kindle users (Kindle is the new electronic book reading tool that Amazon is promoting).

Enter your e-book product details including the title, ISBN, description and publisher of your e-book.

Upload your e-book file to the system and then enter your price information. You will receive 35 percent of the list price whenever your e-book sells on Amazon. After you finish submitting your files and book information your e-book will be published to

Publicize your e-book with a press release. At the end of the press release you can let readers know that your e-book is currently available for download at Send a link to your e-book to all of your friends and family and ask them to spread the word.


  • You can also publish your e-book on your own website for easy download by uploading it to a folder on your own hosting service account. When someone completes a purchase of your e-book he will automatically be sent to a page where he can download the book. (Use if you want the buyer to log in before downloading your e-book.) Some PDF production software programs allow you to set options on your E-book so that it cannot be printed, only viewed on screen.