Many money-making opportunities online are not open to Canadians, but the majority of them are. In some cases, Canadian versions of American Websites exist to allow Canadian users to make money. There are also Websites geared toward the United States. that allow Canadian members to profit as well. Canadians do have to be careful to read the agreements they sign with such Websites.

Step 1.

Sell items through The site is the Canadian version of, and it has all the features of the American Website. Canadians can sell their books, movies and CDs through the site's merchant program. They can also sign up to have their own product listings and sell larger items through the Website like furniture.

Step 2.

Sign up with to sell through Canada's own eBay site. The site works just like the U.S. eBay site, but it's geared toward Canadians, and all transactions are in Canadian dollars. If you don't want to sell through the Canadian site, Canadians are eligible to sell through the U.S. eBay site as well. Selling through the American site gives Canadians access to a larger pool of buyers.

Step 3.

Use AdSense to make money. AdSense is a Google pay-per-click ad program that Canadians are eligible to join. After signing up for the program through Google, place the AdSense code generated for you on your blog or Website. You will be paid every time someone clicks on one of the ads that were placed by the code. The minimum payout is $100. Some Websites, like HubPages, are open to Canadians and pay a share of AdSense revenues to anyone who writes items for the site.

Step 4.

Write for About or Suite101. Both sites accept Canadian writers, and both sites pay Canadians at the same rate that they pay American writers. pays a minimum monthly salary as well as bonuses for readership growth. Suite101 pays on a revenue-sharing basis.

Step 5.

Make money through affiliate programs. Most affiliate programs will accept Canadian sellers who place special affiliate links online and then earn money each time someone buys an item by using that link. Canadians can make money with affiliate links that they place on their blogs, on their own Websites and on articles that they publish through article directories.

Step 6.

Work through a company that hires at-home Canadians to work online with the company. Accentus hires medical transcriptionists in Canada to work online. Axion Data hires Canadians to do online data entry from home.


Be careful of Websites that accept non-Americans writers, yet don't pay them. This can cause confusion for writers who believe they will be paid for their work.