How to Sell TV Commercial Ideas

A television commercial is one of the best ways to advertise your business or your product. It is surprisingly cost effective in comparison to a print ad and when done properly, can reach a large audience across many demographics. Following are suggestions on the best way to sell your commercial ideas.

Sell your Commercial with Success

Come up with a catchy phrase or an identifiable visual image. When people see the Little Dough Boy, they immediately think Pillsbury. When you see Colonel Sanders, you start salivating for Kentucky Fried Chicken. On a cold winter night, "soup is good food" only means one brand, Campbell's.

Know the demographics that want your product. Everything has a target audience. Barbie is for young girls. It would be a waste of time to go after 10-year-old boys, even if there are exceptions to the rule. The bottom line is, when you go after your target audience, you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Spend your money in the right place. If you own a local restaurant in Los Angeles, don't do a national advertising campaign. Why waste money airing a commercial in Boston when your average customer will be coming from Los Angeles. If you have limited funds, only pay to air your commercial in the vicinity of your restaurant.

Offer a discount or a free gift that can only be obtained by someone who saw your ad. This helps you identify if your commercial is actually working. If you own a restaurant, offer a free glass of wine or a free dessert to any customer who comes in and says she saw your commercial. The more free wine you're giving away, the more you know your commercial is attracting customers who will happily pay for the food in exchange for a drink that probably costs you a dime on the dollar.

Think of advertising as an investment, not an expenditure, even when times are tough. In a poor, everyone is in a panic about spending money. The reality is, you must spend money to make money. A well-planned commercial that's aimed at your target audience will bring customers to you instead of a competitor who is too cheap to advertise.