How to Hang a Vinyl Banner

Vinyl banners are a great way to advertise a new product or promotion, spread some holiday cheer or mark a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. Whether you are using the banner for your business or a more personal event, it will be sure to catch people’s attention.

Choose a method of hanging the banner based on how long it will hang. If you are using the banner for a one-day event such as a birthday party, anniversary celebration or graduation party, hang the banner with tape. Use clear duct tape to fasten the banner to the wall. Pull a piece of duct tape from the roll and stick its ends together to form a loop with the sticky part on the outside. Place a piece of this looped duct tape on each of the back corners of the banner and two pieces in the middle. Choose a place to hang the banner on the wall, then press the banner up against the wall and run your hand over it to smooth out the tape.

Or you can determine the most appropriate method of hanging the banner by considering its size. A small banner can be easily secured to a wall with duct tape on the back or tacks placed through each corner. A large banner may need to be fastened with nails.

Hang a banner that has loops on each corner by holding the banner up to a wall and marking the location of the loops with a pencil. Take the banner down and hammer nails into the marks on the wall, leaving enough of the nails protruding to hang the banner loops on.

Decorate your table with a banner by hanging it over the front of the table to announce your business, charity or product. Center the banner so it hangs over the front of the table, with a small portion of the banner on the top of the table. Secure the top portion of the banner to the table with clear duct tape placed between the banner and the table.

Secure a banner to a window or door by placing clear duct tape behind the banner and pressing it firmly against the door or window. Use enough tape to prevent the banner from being torn down by any wind or other outdoor elements. Do this only in a covered area where the banner will not be rained or snowed on.