How to Find Real Wholesale Dropship Items to Sell

I am sure if you have ever tried to find wholesale items or wholesale drop shippers you have run across the DOBA's of the wholesale and drop ship world, but if you look at these sites, you have a hard time find low wholesale prices when you take into consideration high shipping and the drop ship fees. Here you will learn where to find true wholesale products to sell.

You can find some good buys on sites like, but you have to purchase the products in lots, some may be damaged or used and you are using an auction method for the purchase so it could be easy to get carried away.

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To find true wholesale merchandise you will need to put a little more work on the research end. Research what is selling in your area or venue. Example, if you want to sell on eBay you could go to look around and see what people are searching for and what eBay stores are doing well. Next, there are more than just searches to look at. You will also need to find what the average selling price is and how many are selling. You can find this information by clicking on the search box typing in a product. Example: Wii Mario Party 8 games you will then need to tab over to the button labeled Advanced Search and double click. A screen labeled Advanced Find - Find Items will come up. Your keyword or the item you are searching for may be listed, but if not enter it. Now skip down to the section SEARCH INCLUDING, here you will need to mark COMPLETED LISTINGS. Scan down a little further to the section BUYING FORMATS. Here you will need to click on ALL ITEMS INCLUDING STORE INVENTORY. This is the minimum areas you will need to search. Now run your search. You find a list of completed listings with eBay over the last 15 days. Each item will say sold if the item sold and the price the item sold for, you might be surprised to find items that people are searching for are not always what they are purchasing. You must have an eBay account and be signed in to get these results. Another popular option is Amazon. You can go to to find the Best Sellers on Amazon. This list is updated hourly. There many many more sites to find out what is selling so do your research.

List of Nintendo Distributors

The next step is to find the manufacture and suppliers. The Wii is a popular item. Let use it for an example. Nintendo manufactures the Wii if you go to the Nintendo website and search for distributors in the search box. You will find entries for Domestic and International Distributors. Once you click on the link, you will get a list of distributors by state. This list also has the link to the distributor's website. These distributors rarely advertise.

Once you go to the distributor's website, you will find information on contacting the distributor, possible drop shipping options, and sometimes even details on working with them.

Once you find a distributor, you need to determine where you want to sell your item. When you find the appropriate venue, check on the fees associated with selling. Determine the average price items are selling for in your area and then what would be necessary to set you apart from your competition.

Now that you know the cost of selling, the cost of your products, and what price you will be able to receive for your product. The decision is up to you. Will you go into business for yourself? If you decide to go into business, you will also need to contact the small business administration for details on what is necessary for you to open your business.


  • Keep an open mind on products Do your research Do not open your business before you find out what is selling.


  • Make sure you contact the Small Business Administration regarding Licensing, Taxes and Permits. Research, Research, Research!!! You will not start making money immediately! Do not get discouraged, if you have done your research, are willing to market, and stay on top of your business you can become successful.


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