How to Register a Business Name in Arizona

The name you choose for your business is very important, as it is a direct reflection on your company. It sets the personality and tone for your organization. While the state of Arizona does not ask businesses to trademark their name, most companies choose to do so as a means of protecting their interests. The trademarking process is fairly easy and well worth the time it takes to do so.

Registering a name Trademark in Arizona

After you have decided upon a name that you would like to use for your business, check the state of Arizona Registered Name Information Search website to see if the name or a variation thereof already exists. Do not just check for your specific name, check for variations and similar spellings. If you are unable to find the name in the state of Arizona trademark database there is a good chance that the name you would like trademark is available to you.

Before going ahead and applying for a trademark, it's important to bear in mind that the trademarked name you want will not belong to you until such time as the Trademark office has received and approved your application. This means that it is in your best interest not to begin creating any letterhead or business cards with the name on it. Also, be careful about registering domain names for your company before the trademark is accepted and you have received a certificate of Trademark from the state of Arizona.

As soon as you are ready to begin the application process, spend a few minutes reviewing the Tradenames and Trademarks Questions and Answers website. This page provides invaluable insight and information on the application process and what sort of names are and are not acceptable. It also includes excellent examples of what not to do when applying for a trademark.

Download an application for registration of a trade name from the state of Arizona website and check the trademark information web page to see what the current application fee is for filing a trademark. Fill out all of the trademark forms and include any applicable fees. The application can be mailed to the address noted on the application.

Assuming that your trademark is approved by the state of Arizona, you may also wish to consider filing for a federal trademark. For more information on doing so visit the United States Patent and Trademark website at for more information.