How to Start an Elderly Home Care Business

There are many elderly patients that need to have people look after them. There are family members that may not want to put them into a senior citizen home, but can't be at home with them all day. You can start a lucrative business taking care of them in your home.

You will need to check with your state laws. You need to see what it will take to run an elder day care in your home. Some states require you to have your nursing license, or even a health aid. This is the first thing to make sure is in place before starting a home care facility.

Check with your state and county laws to see if you need a license to run an elder care out of your home. Sometimes they will need to come and do a site inspection to make sure your home is safe.

You will need to come up with a name and get your name registered. You can register a DBA at your local county clerk's office. They will make sure the name isn't taken, and give you the name. With these papers you can open up a business checking account.

You will need to contact an insurance agency to see if you will need business insurance. You will need insurance to cover any liability while these people are in your care.

Create a place in your home where you will be running your service. Think of what you can do with your clients while they are in your care. Some will like to knit, sew, read, write, or watch TV. Many will love the time to just talk and tell you the same story over and over.

Think about your weekly/monthly rate. Write up a contract. Search the internet, and come up with everything you want to include in your contract. Prices, vacation, emergencies, etc. You will want to cover all bases, and then have a lawyer check over your contract.

Start to advertise your business. You can advertise over the internet on craigslist or you can go local. Leave signs up at the local doctor's offices (the doctor's consent).

Decide how many people you can accommodate, or handle at once. Set up shop, and enjoy!


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