How to make an eBay Auction look Professional with Free Templates

Upgrading an eBay auction with templates is a way to make your listing stand out. A professional and well put together auction can increase confidence in you as a seller and also help sell the item. This can be done for free if you know where to look for the resources.

First take pictures of your item. Take enough pictures to give a potential buyer all the information they need.

Upload the pictures to Photobucket is a free way to host your pictures. It allows you to add unlimited pictures to your auctions with no added cost.

After you upload your photos, open a new tab on your browser. It's time to find a free template for the auction.

Go to the Auction Template Resource Center to find free auction samples that will fit your product. Find a link in the References section.

Take a look around this site. Find the templates that work for you. The templates range from very easy to more advanced editing HTML.

After you have picked your template, add the image URLs off of Photobucket. Get the HTML code and open a new tab for eBay.

On eBay, sign in and click the tab "Sell my item". After choosing your category and title, head down to where it says "Describe your item". Click on the HTML tab, and copy and paste your code you created on your template page.

You just created a professional auction for free. This gives the auction a great look, at no extra cost.


  • Resizing and editing your pictures can be done in Photobucket.


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