How to Ship Liquor Bottles

Many individuals wonder how to ship liquor bottles. But unfortunately, there isn’t any legal way for individuals to ship liquor bottles. So to transport your liquor bottles, you will need to locate a licensed vendor. These vendors are required by the government to report purchases, and ensure that duties and taxes are paid. Here’s how to ship liquor bottles.

Locate a licensed vendor to ship the bottles. If you purchase liquor from a store, they will typically ship the merchandise for you. Before making your purchase, ask if the vendor is licensed to ship alcohol. This is especially important if you are making the purchase online.

Consider buying insurance for your purchase. Depending on the value of the liquor bottles you will be shipping, you may want to purchase insurance. The price for this service can range from $2 - $10 per package.

Request a signature for your purchase. It’s always a good idea to require that your package require a signature. This will allow you to track the package better if it doesn’t arrive at the requested location. And if the liquor you purchase holds significant value, this is even more important.

Request a tracking number. Most delivery carriers provide tracking numbers. Request that your vendor provide this information. This will allow you to have piece of mind that your package is on schedule.

Be prepared to pay duties and taxes. If you are shipping liquor bottles from another country, you may be liable for duties and taxes. Duties can range from 5-10% and taxes can range from 7-17% depending on the country. Each country is a little different, so you will need to check with the store you purchase the liquor from.


  • Ask about handling fees. Some stores that ship liquor will charge a handling fee to process your shipment. It’s best to find a store that ships liquor bottles as a courtesy and doesn’t charge any extra fees.


  • Check on merchandise processing fees. Some carriers such as FedEx charge a merchandise processing fee which may cost up to $25. Ask your merchant which shipping services are available and compare processing fees.