How to Make Money Quick on Weekends

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You need a few extra bucks and want to see what you can do to make money quick. Perhaps you shouldn't look too far from home. At least one way to make extra cash is to help someone nearby who might be in need. Or teach a class in something you really enjoy. Whatever you decide, make it interesting and enjoyable.

Ask your elderly neighbors if they need a personal shopper. You probably are going to the grocery store anyway and you could piggyback this job with an everyday event. Whether you are paid to give them a ride to the store or they hand you a list to pick up the groceries, this service can be a weekend opportunity to make a few extra bucks.

Put together your items and have a garage sale. Folks love to get out on weekends, and having a sale in your garage or on your stoop could present you with a pile of extra cash.

Consider becoming a product demonstrator. Setting up a little table at a local grocery store, you give away samples of food products, information and coupons. This job is one that can be short hours with decent pay.

Weekend money making could include watching the neighbor's kids. Most of the week is already booked out with daycare and other opportunities, but parents who want a night on the town would love the chance to pay someone to watch their kids on Friday or Saturday night.

Teach a class to share your skills with others, whether it's computer skills, languages, music or something else. If every other Saturday you taught a class and five students showed up with $30 each, you would have had a great weekend.


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