How to Play Employee Appreciation Games

How to Play Employee Appreciation Games. One of the best ways to retain your employees is to improve morale and make people want to come to work. Your employees will work harder and better if they feel appreciated and if their morale is high. And a great way to let your employees know how much you appreciate them is through employee appreciation games.

Decide when you want to have the games. Some businesses will do simple games as ice breakers before long meetings. Other employers will do them simply as moral boosters on Friday afternoons.

Try trivia games. If you don't want to make up your own games, purchase a trivia game like "Scene It" or use websites like "FunTrivia." You can even have people in one department make up the questions and challenge another department.

Set up sports games with office equipment. Some fun games include blowing balls of paper across tables with canned air or flying paper airplanes into targets or trash cans.

Play the object game. Split your office into groups or along departments. Go to the middle of the room and start asking for objects people have on them, like lipsticks, CDs, coins or belts. Whichever group gets the item to you the fastest gets a point.

Have a scavenger hunt. Divide your office into groups or along departments. Give them a list of objects they have to find or take pictures of. Whichever group gets back first wins.

Give out prizes to the winners of the games. Prizes can be simple five-dollar gift certificates to coffee places, or small certificates that participants can hang in cubicles. If you want a bigger prize, consider offering an hour off work with pay.


  • Keep your games PG rated. If playing the object game, don't ask for bras, condoms or underwear.


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