How to Build a Digital Billboard

How to Build a Digital Billboard. Roadside advertisements are screaming into the digital age with new billboards. These screens jump off the panel the way Las Vegas neon burns into your mind, leaving a mark that is hard to forget. Many companies are switching over to this new technology in hopes their business will take off similarly.

Find the land for your billboard. Billboards are traditionally planted along popular highways and tall enough to be read from at least a mile away. However, if there is a busy highway that weaves through your city, you might consider purchasing or leasing space on the side of a building as opposed to land.

Drop your post into the ground. Depending on the size of your proposed billboard, you will need varying sizes of posts for this job. Typically digital billboards are at least 20 feet tall, but they can be built using virtually any size depending on your needs.

Hook up the proper amount of electricity to your pole. Consult your contractor as well as an independent electrician for a second opinion on the voltage needs of your new billboard. Secure a source of the power and build all transformers and fuse boxes necessary to ensure perfect working order.

Bolt the LCD monitor or other type monitor to the posts. You want to use at least a 50 inch monitor, but much larger monitors will get more attention. Run cables from the monitor to a small DVD player or computer that will change the screen with the ads.

Attach the billboard to the pole and hook it up to the electrical system. At this point you will want to have your clients submit their billboard designs and download them onto your billboard.

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