How to Renovate a Van for a Catering Business

by Contributor ; Updated September 26, 2017
Bakers Unloading Bread And Cakes From Van

Typically, you cook the food in one location and deliver it to another if you own a catering business. Keeping the dishes hot and cold is among the issues to consider when thinking about what kind of vehicle to use. While you can spend a lot on a custom catering van, save some money by using these tips to renovate a van for a catering business.

Look for a used van that does not have a lot of windows. You also will want easy access without having to negotiate steps or other interference. Find one with one door that opens in the back, although two that open and stay propped open could suffice.

Take out all the seats in the van, except the two in front. You may leave some of the grommets that held the seats in place to tie down your equipment, or you could install new flooring in the back of the van.

Measure the serving dishes and build shelves on one side of the van to hold them easily. Attach the shelves to the interior wall of the van with clamps and metal screws. Install removable brackets on the shelves to hold your dishes intact.

Install a couple of thermal boxes with shelves inside on the other side of the van's interior to store the cold foods in one and hot foods in the other. These boxes can be made of Styrofoam or heavy insulated plastic and anchored to a board that can slide in and out of the back of the van.

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