How to get Listed in the Business Yellow Pages

How to get Listed in the Business Yellow Pages. Listing your business in the Yellow Pages used to be simple. You signed up with your local telephone company for a business telephone and chose a category that described your business. The next Yellow Pages directory edition would list your business. Now there are more options and decisions about how to list your business.

Add an Internet listing to your business. Online searches grow in popularity every year. People tend to look online for goods and services when they are not in a rush and need a business located nearby. People pick up the printed Yellow Pages book when they need to find business close to home in a hurry.

Cast a wider net for more customers by listing your business in a regional as well as a local directory.

Target specific interest groups through specialized directories, such as those aimed at African-American, Hispanic or Asian communities. Other niches include Christian directories, women's directories and university directories.

Consider co-op advertising partnership for a Yellow Pages ad if your business carries products or deals on services provided by national manufacturers or distributors. A Yellow Pages customer service representative can help you find out about any co-op advertising possibilities.

Investigate business to business directories if your company offers goods or services that target businesses.

Save money by using free online listings with Yellowbook. You can call them at (800) 929-3556.


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