How to Market a Salon

How to Market a Salon. Owning a salon gives the freedom to control everything about your business. This can also be a burden, however, since it's up to you if the business fails or succeeds.

Train your employees that the customer comes first (within reason, of course). It should be their goal to retain clients and develop a clientele. Good customer relations is the most important marketing tool you have. Not only will happy clients come back, they'll tell their friends about your services.

Talk to other businesses around you. See if you can put a stack of flyers in their lobbies or ask if they would mind putting your flyers in their customers' bags when they check out. They will most likely want you to reciprocate, so be sure to offer to put their flyers in your store. If you don't want to do flyers, an 8 1/2-by-11 inch poster will work.

Put ads in local coupon books and magazines. Many of these are inexpensive, although it depends on the quality of the book. Offer to barter with the owners in exchange for ad space.

Make inquiries to radio stations about their advertising solutions. For example, some stations will give you advertising with no out of pocket expenses for your business. You donate a certain number of gift certificates to be sold for half price on the station's website, and this is how the station takes its cut. In return, you get a live interview on the radio, website exposure and name mentions on the air.

Create ads for TV, if you can afford it. Hire a professional to shoot your stylists in action and make a script for the dubbing. Have a producer put it all together and it's ready for air. Some TV stations might even do this as part of the fee you pay for advertising with them.

Buy a domain name and design a website. This should feature your complete line of services offered with prices, information about your business, your contact info and any specials you run.

Market your salon on Google Maps. Simply create a Google or Gmail account, log in, then click on "Business Solutions." Proceed to and click on "Local Business Center" and create your ad. This service is free and is a great source of advertising.


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